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August 06, 2007



Just stumbled over here from MethoBlog and saw what you've blogged the last few days. Praying for you, and for Jon's family, right now.


just catching up with your loss of friend eric. i will certainly lift up some prayers for family and friends. God's Shalom

D.G. Hollums

love ya man!

Matt S.

We know Jon and Siri and the boys from the Utica UMC days. He was a wonderful man, and the first I've met whom I consider a philosopher. We're thankful that you were there with Siri, at the end. Thankyou also for the thoughts and the memories you shared at the memorial service. What a wonderful celebration that service was! Afterwards one of the women from our church who was there said, "That's the funeral I want." Who wouldn't? Just not so young.

We share your loss, brother.

Matt and Cheryl


Those mornings sure were cold! I drove 154 and 155 both right after Jon had them. Actually, i think my first time out solo as a sub was on John's bus. scared the crap out of me. His monitor didn't show up and i was about 45 minutes late. turns out it was one of the easiest runs i ever made....

I can see him with his hat and sunglasses on looking all laid back yet stoic behind the wheel. I think he probably kept his kids guessing if he was going to be a task master or an old softy. I think the best part was driving back to seminary with Jon and everyone else all cutting up and talking about our day....

James and Julie

Our hearts are aching for the Davenports. we remember cold mornings driving school buses and laughing at Solomon's porch. We are still in shock.


Sorry about your loss Eric.

John Michael De Marco

I remember Jon and Siri from ATS. They were friends with Jamie and Julie Riddle, who are good friends of ours. This is very said. -John

Todd Richards


I am pretty shocked and stunned as well. Jon and I spent many a morning and afternoon driving school buses together. we often drove in together and i remember having a good time laughing and carrying on. i feel sad because several months ago i found his blog and contacted him. We talked about getting together on one of my trips to Kentucky but it never happened. I would have enjoyed that very much.


+ Alan

So sorry to hear about your friend Eric. Horrible thing. Reminds me so much of our brother Chad Canipe who died a little more than a year ago in Cincinnati. Good, good man, wife, two young boys. Awful stuff. I'll pray for them and for you. Peace and Grace to all you guys.

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