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January 28, 2008


old man gordon

Yeah. Maybe we should be focusing on the fertilizer. Oh, wait.


or redefine fruit.

love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self control

Eric Kieb

Amen bro. What a great metaphor and use of imagery. Great thought about not only cultivating soil but examine the seed that you want to plant. You can have great soil and still be using weeds.

Carl Gladstone

Yeah, I'm down with that. I also keep asking what kinds of seeds we are really planting. Seems like if the culture is in transition and we keep planting seeds of the old crops, we're bound to become a field full of plants that no one wants anymore.

While cultivating soil we might want to be looking around for the new seeds that maintain the core of who Christians are but that are designed to grow in the new cultural climate.

D.G. Hollums

Could not agree more! Hey there is a conference that I would love for you to come to in April in Denver. it is all about Emergent and the UMC... Doug and a few other Emergent peeps will be there, I hop eyou can make it and we are in talks to see if I and my Sr. pastor can come up there and speak at it as well! I will post more about it on my blog.


"focus on the wrong thing".. i would agree with that.

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