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March 18, 2008



Thank you, Thank you for bringing up this issue about commemorative items related to General conference. Many years ago, maybe still, friends of mine quit subscribing to a UMC magazine because they advertised a bust of John Wesley. Give us a break!!!

And I pray that the conference will go for broke on issues that are prophetic. We can remain a wimpering, shell of a once great church that challenged the status quo or go and become the voice of God for today's world.

I am not sick or cranky.....

Amy Forbus

Does the official General Conference watch have hands that move only once every four years? And does it come pre-distressed to match your post-General Conference mindset?

The marketing folks have left themselves wide open here.

D.G. Hollums

Amen my brother! Why can't we have that money go to clean drinking water, or to put a stop to child-trafficking? killing me!

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