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March 05, 2008



Congrats on your first iMovie!

D.G. Hollums

Mavalus indeed! Dead SEXY!!!!!

Yeah, I have not messed with iMovie that much, because I have officialy run out of hard drive space... and now I am trying to figure out what programs I can trow over to a external HD..to make more room, between Podcasting and photography, my Hd space is hurting, heh... but loved the video.. maybe your going to be one of those vidbloggers, heh...

I have messed around with Final Cut Express, and that is freaking amazing, but they learning curve was a little too high for me, unless I had a class on it. Anyway, just wanted to say good job!


That was fun. Enjoy your new found creativity!!

+ Alan

Veeerrry niiiice. And you look mavalus.

My trouble is, I don't have that neat built-in camera, or an externa iSight. I have my Canon S2IS, which takes great movies, but they're too big to upload to YouTube. iMovie might work. I haven't fooled with it enough.

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